February Art Journal Pages

I continue to enjoy my sketchbook art journal–both painting in it and writing in it. Here are two more of spreads for February. Both of them bring back good memories. I am not concerned about my illustrated journaling being connected to the specific week in which it appears.

This one is straightforward sketching and water-color with a dash of washi tape.

coverThis one includes a teapot made at a friend’s surprise birthday party yesterday.

cover-2 The dated rectangles are in wet on wet water-color with coffee granules dropped onto them. After the paint dried I brushed off the coffee. One thing I love about wet on wet water colors is how the paint knows its bounds and will not go beyond the area that is already wet.


This sketchbook takes fine line Sharpie markers great. This spread backs up to the green one above and there is no bleed through at all. I’m linking this post to Art Journal Everyday¬†and Creative Every Day.

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6 thoughts on “February Art Journal Pages”

  1. These pages are wonderful and will such a joy to journal your days into. Love, Love, LOVE the “tea!” Great technique with the coffee – I think I’ll try that today.

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