Jenny Frith Inspired Art Journal

Jenny’s Sketchbook is one of my favorite blogs and her art journaling style is a favorite as well. This year I decided to adopt it. Last year I dabbled deeply in mixed media and enjoyed it, but am ready for something a little more clean and simple that allows room for a few thoughts but doesn’t make me write a bunch. My husband used to keep a little pocket calendar years ago. I loved his journal entries on it–”Had ice cream today.” That’s about all I really want to write too. Just hittin’ the high points.

It’s been fun to create the page spreads. Mine use watercolor backgrounds with illustrations and collage elements–sometimes from magazines and sometimes from photos I have taken. I am using a Stillman and Birn watercolor sketchbook and am very pleased with the paper weight. It’s paper size is 8.5″x5.25″.

These are my page spreads for January. I am linking up to Art Journal Every Day.

I found this decked out kid in an old issue of Smithsonian magazine. It made me think of all those articles I used to read in the newspapers at New Year’s. You know, the ones that predicted video phones and other crazy futuristic ideas straight off of the Jetson’s cartoons LOL. The video phone is here now! Woot!

Recognize Paul Newman’s head from my McDonald’s salad dressing packet? I put him on a horse from a vintage reader.

I was pleased with how accurately I drew these Dutch Blitz cards. They are done with Derwent Inktense Pencils.
This one uses up a few scraps from Gelli Plate printing. 
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5 thoughts on “Jenny Frith Inspired Art Journal”

  1. I love how you incorporate images into your pages! I especially enjoy the second pink spread. I really need to start collecting images from different sources and putting them into a box for later creations.

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