Baby Swag

I’m still on a needle felting kick and wanted to make something for a baby gift. Enter, the baby swag. I will embroider the baby’s name, birth date and weight on the hearts after I am sure the parents stick with the name they have been planning on. I might put a fancy embroidered border around each heart as well. It’s just hung on the curtain rod so I could get a picture, but I like it there. In fact, it’s been up there for a few days and I think I will miss it and have to make another to keep.

My friend Laura gave me these neat Mod Podge shapes for Christmas. They are meant to be backed with beautiful papers. But they also make great templates for felting. I placed the heart on top of wool pieces and pierced an outline with a single felting needle. Then I just tucked the bits outside of the outline into the pierced shape and felted them right in. I will definitely be trying the bird shape and the tags could be super cute too.

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