Needle Felting–What I Did on Christmas Vacation

After Christmas vacation I kept feeling the urge to write the classic “What I Did on My Vacation” paper. One of the coolest things I did was to learn needle felting! My friend Cindy taught me on Monday and in one week I made several goodies. It’s not hard once you get the hang of it and she kindly loaned me her wool stash and tools so I could try it out. Thanks, Cindy!

The warning is that the felting needles are super sharp! Not a craft for young children, and only with supervision for older ones. The egg shaped cradle, however, was wet felted around a plastic Easter egg and required no felting needles at all. You can find instructions  at Twig and Toadstool. I found a few good books along the way: Little Felted Animals and Woolbuddies. There is a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. Check it out on my needle felting board.
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