Gelli Print and Watercolor Elephant

This past weekend I played with both the Gelli Plate and watercolors and came up with this.


The elephant was inspired by a gorgeous one I saw on Pinterest that looked like it was done in the wet on wet technique. The shading on the elephant was done with Derwent Inktense pencil. The background is a Gelli print I did by leaving layers of previous colors on the plate until they were almost dry then adding the green. Next I pressed the paper on and allowed it to almost dry to the plate. That peeling paint look is one of my favorite characteristics of Gelli prints. The shapes were made with an empty printer cartridge box. This one is done on watercolor paper.

I would like to get better at watercolors this year and am going to take a page from Jenny Frith’s sketchbook journal and do my own like it. If I could find a class that wouldn’t cut into grandbaby time I might just take it.

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