A Bird is Just a Fancy Pear

Have you ever noticed that a bird is pretty much shaped like a pear? If you can draw a pear, you can draw a bird. I had fun drawing this finch trio last night in Derwent Inktense Pencils on a cold press water-color block, then painting them out with water. Hopefully this year we’ll get finches in our bird house. A few years ago we had them. Last year the bird dad in our official bird house discovered a nicer decorative-only-mosaic-bird-mansion inside our screened deck. There was a tiny opening at the bottom corner of the deck and he and the Mrs. moved in. We didn’t discover this until six baby birds were learning to fly inside of our deck. they were fun to watch so we just left them alone. After a point we left the door open for a few days and they moved on. Since the mansion is impossible to clean it had to be thrown away. Worth it though.


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