February Art Journal Pages

I continue to enjoy my sketchbook art journal–both painting in it and writing in it. Here are two more of spreads for February. Both of them bring back good memories. I am not concerned about my illustrated journaling being connected to the specific week in which it appears.

This one is straightforward sketching and water-color with a dash of washi tape.

coverThis one includes a teapot made at a friend’s surprise birthday party yesterday.

cover-2 The dated rectangles are in wet on wet water-color with coffee granules dropped onto them. After the paint dried I brushed off the coffee. One thing I love about wet on wet water colors is how the paint knows its bounds and will not go beyond the area that is already wet.


This sketchbook takes fine line Sharpie markers great. This spread backs up to the green one above and there is no bleed through at all. I’m linking this post to Art Journal Everyday and Creative Every Day.

The Year of Fibers

2014 feels like my year to explore fibers. (Of course I will do other things too) But fibers are calling me. This week I ordered a Knifty Knitter loom set to play with. I want to be able to make things more quickly and with less concentration than it takes me to follow conventional patterns. This morning I saw a cute little knit dress (at the bottom of this post) that would be fun to try to make for my granddaughters–I think once I am good at loom knitting I could manage something close to this. May be dreaming… but why not?Loom knitting came about because I kept trying to crochet a simple hat and came out with a ruffled plant doily instead. I know how to crochet and have made an afghan, scarves and lots of amigurumi animals with success. But I am stymied by beanies.

Stymied no more. Loom came today, Michael’s had a yarn sale and my soon-to-come grand baby has a brand new buttery yellow oh so soft beanie made by grandma. One hour. Boom.

I learned how from this kid on YouTube. She is a natural teacher.

Here’s a pic of my hubs through a second hat I am making.


Jenny Frith Inspired Art Journal

Jenny’s Sketchbook is one of my favorite blogs and her art journaling style is a favorite as well. This year I decided to adopt it. Last year I dabbled deeply in mixed media and enjoyed it, but am ready for something a little more clean and simple that allows room for a few thoughts but doesn’t make me write a bunch. My husband used to keep a little pocket calendar years ago. I loved his journal entries on it–”Had ice cream today.” That’s about all I really want to write too. Just hittin’ the high points.

It’s been fun to create the page spreads. Mine use watercolor backgrounds with illustrations and collage elements–sometimes from magazines and sometimes from photos I have taken. I am using a Stillman and Birn watercolor sketchbook and am very pleased with the paper weight. It’s paper size is 8.5″x5.25″.

These are my page spreads for January. I am linking up to Art Journal Every Day.

I found this decked out kid in an old issue of Smithsonian magazine. It made me think of all those articles I used to read in the newspapers at New Year’s. You know, the ones that predicted video phones and other crazy futuristic ideas straight off of the Jetson’s cartoons LOL. The video phone is here now! Woot!

Recognize Paul Newman’s head from my McDonald’s salad dressing packet? I put him on a horse from a vintage reader.

I was pleased with how accurately I drew these Dutch Blitz cards. They are done with Derwent Inktense Pencils.
This one uses up a few scraps from Gelli Plate printing. 

Baby Swag

I’m still on a needle felting kick and wanted to make something for a baby gift. Enter, the baby swag. I will embroider the baby’s name, birth date and weight on the hearts after I am sure the parents stick with the name they have been planning on. I might put a fancy embroidered border around each heart as well. It’s just hung on the curtain rod so I could get a picture, but I like it there. In fact, it’s been up there for a few days and I think I will miss it and have to make another to keep.

My friend Laura gave me these neat Mod Podge shapes for Christmas. They are meant to be backed with beautiful papers. But they also make great templates for felting. I placed the heart on top of wool pieces and pierced an outline with a single felting needle. Then I just tucked the bits outside of the outline into the pierced shape and felted them right in. I will definitely be trying the bird shape and the tags could be super cute too.

Needle Felting–What I Did on Christmas Vacation

After Christmas vacation I kept feeling the urge to write the classic “What I Did on My Vacation” paper. One of the coolest things I did was to learn needle felting! My friend Cindy taught me on Monday and in one week I made several goodies. It’s not hard once you get the hang of it and she kindly loaned me her wool stash and tools so I could try it out. Thanks, Cindy!

The warning is that the felting needles are super sharp! Not a craft for young children, and only with supervision for older ones. The egg shaped cradle, however, was wet felted around a plastic Easter egg and required no felting needles at all. You can find instructions  at Twig and Toadstool. I found a few good books along the way: Little Felted Animals and Woolbuddies. There is a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. Check it out on my needle felting board.
Turn Your Photos into Counted Cross Stitch Charts

On a Blogging Vacation

All night long the song from the Kia commercial was ringing in my head, “I live for the applause, applause, applause, I live for the applause, ‘plause, ‘plause.” And it was completely connected in my mind to my immersion in social media. Namely Facebook, Pinterest and blogging. So during the night and with resolve this morning I have decided to take a month of social media detox.

By my blogoversary on December 27th, I will have blogged consistently one or more times per week for five years, so it might be a bit of a challenge not to. LOL but it won’t be near the challenge that staying off of Facebook will be! As I write this post and look for picture selections from the media tab below, you should see the funny suggestions it is giving me. Like this one: “Dead fish of death on the vacation beach.” Or the delightfully spelled, “Lazzy feet on beach.” Or a magazine room in an air raid shelter… and I don’t think it was magazines to read.

I’ll go with one that I took and see you in 2014.

Turn Your Photos into Counted Cross Stitch Charts

Gelli Print and Watercolor Elephant

This past weekend I played with both the Gelli Plate and watercolors and came up with this.


The elephant was inspired by a gorgeous one I saw on Pinterest that looked like it was done in the wet on wet technique. The shading on the elephant was done with Derwent Inktense pencil. The background is a Gelli print I did by leaving layers of previous colors on the plate until they were almost dry then adding the green. Next I pressed the paper on and allowed it to almost dry to the plate. That peeling paint look is one of my favorite characteristics of Gelli prints. The shapes were made with an empty printer cartridge box. This one is done on watercolor paper.

I would like to get better at watercolors this year and am going to take a page from Jenny Frith’s sketchbook journal and do my own like it. If I could find a class that wouldn’t cut into grandbaby time I might just take it.

crafting, creating, enjoying


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